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OA Raised Floor Data Center Server Room Steel Anti Material Origin Type Electrical Product Place Model Cement

OA Raised Floor Data Center Server Room Steel Anti Material Origin Type Electrical Product Place Model Cement

Overview Package size per unit product 50.00cm * 50.00cm * 28.00cm Gross weight per unit product 40.000kg Product Parame
Basic Info
Model NO. j5000
Function Waterproof, Soundproof, Skidproof
Certification SGS,ISO9001
Color Silver Gray
Material Steel
Customize Customizable
Model V5000-500/501
Craft Dusting/Plating
Installation Stringer System
Size Square
Move Easy Transfer
Advantage Long Life of Usage
Concentrated Load 5000n
Panel Size 500mm*500mm
Life Span Long Service Life
Thickness 55mm*160mm
Softness and Hardness Hard
Transport Package Panels Are Packed on Pallets, Pedestal
Specification Steel, Lightweight mortar
Trademark KIYO
Origin Qingdao
HS Code 73269090
Production Capacity 660000pieces/Year
Packaging & Delivery
Package size per unit product 50.00cm * 50.00cm * 28.00cm Gross weight per unit product 40.000kg
Product Description
Product Parameters
Features & Advantages1.Substrate purity> 85%, has reached international standards.2.Can be used in high-demand computer rooms, data centers and etc.3.Environmentally friendly, waterproof, fireproof, rustproof.4.Excellent loading ability, better flatness, durable.5.Better stability in the environment of different temperature and humidity.6.Simple structure, flexible installation meets various requirements of wiring.
project/ name500(standard edition)501(open plate)
distribution outletnot havea place
texturepainted steel plate
fillerlight weight mortar
completion height55mm to 160mm
weightabount 44kg/sqm
load condition5000N deformation 5.0mm or less
non-combustion performancelevel 1(combustion 0)

1.Styles not found in the floor height chart can be customized.2.Floor height, the adjustment range is the height to the floor, excluding the thickness of the surface carpet.3.H160-500 height customized according to needs.4.GL/SGL/GCL/SGCL/GCM/SGCM is the style of plate nut.5.Delivery date will be discussed separately.Standard version (left) Open version (right)

Suppor foot type

The V series support feet consist of a variety of multi-size sequences that can adjust the height of the network overhead floor, such as V support feet and CG support feet.

Adjuster Steel of the V series of adjustable all-steel flooring1.This product is composed of steel plate and special filling material to ensure that the specified performance requirements are met, and the surface is visible and concave and convex.However, it has no effect on the flatness and performance of the product surface.2.The four corners of this product are fitted with plastic screws, which is a creative concept, not any structural part.3.Please use within the specified load performance range of this product.4.Please do not use this product for purposes other than flooring.
Product specifications

Product specifications 500X500 (mm) are 4 pieces for a flat with 5 tripods, gray.Factory default 3 tablets &1 patch with wiring board &4 center tripods &1 hand tripod;Floor to tripod ratio 1:1.25. Actual operation: according to the actual requirements of the customer's procurement contract, the ratio of flat floor & floor with distribution board & center tripod & edge tripod;The excess of the normal ratio is charged per piece; No other attachments.

List of product usage methods

It is mainly used for all requirements that high loading ability, better pavement performance high-end applications, such as office, banks, telecommunication rooms, intelligent office, commercial business, exhibitions, workshops, control rooms, converting rooms, and other industries program-controlled room, etc.

1. Install lighting fixtures on the back of the all-steel floor, which can make the floor have the function of night lighting or performance lighting.2. Part of the floor can be converted into a flat small stool, which can constitute a temporary reception place, meeting place.3. The steel floor with the floor edge fixing device to achieve the stability and non-shaking of the double-layer floor, if the subsequent maintenance is required, the floor is easy to disassemble, and it can continue to be used after maintenance.4. There are two types of floor support feet to choose from, and the height of the support feet can be adjusted according to the required height, flexibly adapting to different floors.5. The floor has strong bearing capacity, and the bearing capacity meets the approved load of 5000N (JAFA standard).

Company Introduction

Qingdao Kiyoh Industry, the company is mainly engaged in the production and sales --- OA network tempered floor & OA network injection molding floor & office seat & plastic storage box its accessories.Since its establishment, the company has been strictly in accordance with the industry standards of the Japan JAFA Industry Association, strict with itself, and has always implemented Japan's high-standard industrial requirements to seriously produce every product.Our company passed ISO9001 and SGS certification.and have passed the information industry anti-static product quality supervision center certification, the national building decoration materials quality inspection center certification.Utilizing steel manufacturing technology, the product is filled with mortar that fits uniquely, and it is successful in making it comfortable to walk and durable.Our products are widely used in office buildings, data centers, control rooms, clean rooms, etc.We have been upgrading the automation of production lines.This increased our production output and improved product quality stability.We are one of the few manufacturers that can support difficult and super large projects.Rich production and construction experience ensure us to offer professional solutions for contractors, builders, designers and owners.The company adopts the business philosophy of choosing excellent materials, introducing sophisticated equipment, adopting exquisite workmanship, careful management, creating exquisite products, providing sincere services, and creating "self reliant" boutiques.The company has set up production, supply and marketing integrated service outlets in large and medium-sized cities across the country, and its reputation has been well received by new and old customers.For after-sales service, customers can contact and consult the sales network office. The company has long-term cooperation with new and old users and provides customers with quality services.Create an independent brand and build an independent image.As an industrial company focusing on floor production, we have cooperated with many excellent companies in the past, so we have won the appreciation and revisit of a large number of companies, which also brings us more cooperation opportunities with other customers.

Shipping method

OA Raised Floor Data Center Server Room Steel Anti Material Origin Type Electrical Product Place Model Cement