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Qualcomm QCX216 LTE Cat1 bis IoT

Jan 20, 2024Jan 20, 2024

Qualcomm QCX216 is a new IoT-optimized LTE Cat1 bis modem with a data rate of up to 10 Mbps at ultra-low power and support for WiFi-based terrestrial positioning thanks to the company's database of billions of geolocated beacons.

LTE Cat1 bis is an update to LTE Cat1 that does not require software and hardware upgrades to the base stations, enables smaller, simpler, and cheaper designs with a single antenna, and delivers higher speeds than LTE Cat M1 typically used in IoT applications. Qualcomm QCX216 LTE IoT modem will be used in smart utility meters, trackers, e-mobility solutions, parking meters, home automation and security equipment, and other location-based solutions.

Qualcomm QCX216 specifications:

The QCX216 runs FreeRTOS, but as usual, Qualcomm does not provide any public documentation or SDK.

Quectel EG915Q and Cavli C16QS will be some of the first LTE Cat1 Bis modules based on the Qualcomm QCX216 chip with the latter available now, and Arun Gupta, CEO and founder of MoMAGIC Technologies, says they’ll provide IoT solutions leverage the higher rate provided by the new modem. A few more details may be found on the product page and press release.

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